Student Ministries

E. P. I. C. Student Ministries
Wednesday evenings @ 6:30 pm in partnership with Eastland Student Ministries
Led by Pastor Nick & Pastor Troy 
Experiential Pursuits In Christ!
The lives we live are a reflection of who we are. This ministry bases its foundation on walking with Christ. This is not a mindset leading to Legalism. This is a lifestyle founded in the Love of God through a personal relationship with Him. Jesus was made human to make this possible. Coming to earth to show us what Love is. Epic’s goal is to encourage and assist youth in running the life-long race in pursuit of this personal relationship with God.
5 EPIC Focuses
1. Cultivate an Experience – Make youth­group a time for spiritual growth and worship. Removing 

distractions and things that are not honoring to God.

2. Create a known ministry – Teach the youth the purpose of Christianity and ministry. Give them 

evangelistic tools that allow for them to share the gospel.

3. Encourage to Love the Church – Make Epic something they love and are proud of. Having pride in your 

Church is vital.

4. Invite the Parents – Youth Pastors hangout with the youth 2­4 hours a week on average. 

Parents are with them all the time. Change will not happen unless the parents are on board.

5. Continuous prayer (on­stage and off stage). Pray with the youth and for the youth. Let the leaders of the Church lead 

with the Holy Spirit before them.

These 5 points are intended to be a cultivator for specific change in the lives of our young people. When broad areas are addressed specifics become clear as they grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ!

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