Faith Promise is a personal covenant with God expressing your intention to give a specific amount to the support of missions.  Faith Promise links your “promise” to give with your “faith” to believe that God will provide!
LEX 1 Church’s Faith Promise Budget:
Jon and Karen Lambert, Missionaries to Ecuador- $2000
Ken and Keli Oldham, Missionaries to Cairo, Egypt- $2000
Missions Begins at Home- $2000
Mimi’s House, San Cristobal, Guatemala- $2000
Total Budget- $8000
Faith Promise Sources:


Money Unusually Attained!

            A pay raise, promotion, bonus, overtime pay, a
            hobby, an inheritance, a gift.
Money Deliberately Retained!
            Changed priorities, denying a luxury, delaying a
            purchase, fasting a meal.
Money Surprisingly Regained!
Tax refund, investment return, insurance refund, repaid debt, coupons, rebates.
Money Intentionally Maintained!

Commitment to regular giving trusting God to supply.
           Dare to make a Faith Promise and trust God to
                  provide it through you!

Through our Faith Promise Weekend and Budget we support missionaries around the world including:

Ken and Keli Oldham
Pastors to the Middle East
LEX 1 Church Pledge- $2000
Ken and Keli Oldham are joining the Three Worlds Team which is working toward raising up a new generation of leaders and creating inner-connectivity throughout Europe and the Middle East. The Oldham’s are excellent pastors and are also gifted in creating international connections and mentoring emerging leaders. Beginning January, 2012, they will serve as pastors of a congregation in the Middle East as well as helping Three Worlds develop its strategy for reaching out to this region. Ken and Keli met and married as students at Anderson University; they both graduated in 1995. Since then the Oldham’s have served at Scott Memorial Church of God in Tennessee; Riverchase Community Church in Alabama; and Sixth Avenue Church of God in Decatur, Alabama. Please lift up Ken, Keli, and their children, Grace, Titus and Zeke, in prayer as they serve in an area of the world where security is a concern.

     Mission Focus: 
1. To serve on the Three-Worlds Team in supporting the Church throughout the Europe and Middle East region. 
To learn more about the focus and strategies of this team, visit

2. To pastor and encourage a group of believers in Cairo.
Missions Begins at Home!
Lex 1 Church is excited about “immeasurably more” in local outreach! It is our goal to grow through outreach ministries and events to our immediate community. Your Faith Promise pledges will support the following exciting ministries:
Further development  and support our kidZone and Children’s and Youth Ministry areas and programming!  
  • FX Family Experience- Designed as an outreach to the community with the whole family in mind, this night includes a family meal, worship and breakout sessions for both parents and kids to learn what it means to experience Jesus where it matters most…at home! 
LEX 1 Church Pledge- $2000
Jon and Karen Lambert have served as career missionaries in the country of Ecuador since 1997. Prior to missionary service the Lamberts pastored in the US for eighteen years serving congregations in Texas, Virginia and Ohio. Jon and Karen attended Mid-America Christian University when it was Gulf-Coast Bible College in Houston Texas. Jon graduated from GBC in 1979. The Lamberts have two children. Their son Jon is living in the Indianapolis area. Their daughter Rachel and husband Darryl Englebrecht, are living in Vancouver, British Colombia.


          Missions Focus:

  • Leadership development is essential because the Church of God in Ecuador is relatively new (1986).
  • Directing the Ecuadorian church’s Bible institute “Seminarrio S.E.T.E”. This education program trains leaders and pastors. A newly built library and expanded dorm facilities are providing more opportunities for educational development.
  • Karen serves as coordinator for the Ecuadorian “Children of Promise” program. More than seventy Ecuadorian children and their families receive food, schooling and medical assistance through this program
  • Both Karen and Jon preach and teach weekly in the various Ecuadorian congregations and both serve on the National Council of the Church of God in Ecuador. They also host work camps from North America. Normally five work teams per year visit Ecuador, building churches, teaching seminars, training leaders, or bringing medical clinics. They hope the work camps provide a rich cultural exchange benefiting both visitors and nationals 

Mimi’s House-Catalyst Resources International

LEX 1 Church Pledge- $2000 
Started in 2009 by Pastor Fontaine and Paula Green, Mimi’s House is a home for children in San Cristobal, Guatemala. The vision of this home is to provide a loving, Christian, family environment where children can obtain a bilingual Christian education. There are currently 14 children in the sponsorship program at Mimi’s House who have come to us from difficult family circumstances. We are in the process of obtaining approval from the Guatemalan government to receive orphaned children from the courts. The future plan is to have a network of smaller family-style homes to care for the children. Each of these homes will be hosted by missionary families that will care for these children in a family-style Christian environment.

Our role over the years has been to be used as a catalyst to connect resources to the needy. We anticipate and trust that God will continue to use us in this capacity to impact Guatemala for His Kingdom. Our hearts desire is to fulfill the mandate Jesus laid out for us in Matthew 25:34-40 through the ministries of CRI. We are thankful to share our lives with the people of God in Guatemala! See

for more information.