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Elizabeth Brumagan, Director

First Choice Childcare, Inc. opened in October of 1995 as an outreach ministry of Lexington First Church of God. It is a nonprofit organization serving all children regardless of race, color, gender, religion, handicap, or national origin.

The purpose of First Choice Childcare, Inc. pursues the following goals related to individual child care:

* To provide a safe, nurturing environment in which each child experiences sincere Christian love.

* To respect the individual needs of each child in providing opportunities for physical, emotional,

intellectual, and spriritual growth.

* To encourage each child to develop satisfactory social relationships with both children and adults.

* To respect the role of parents and encourage participation in all aspects of child care.

* To develop in each child a positive self-concept so that they see themself as a worthy individual.

 First Choice Childcare, Inc. is a 2 star rated center, as well as a fully approved “Type I” facility, licensed by the Cabinet for Families and Children of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Our center is subject to regular inspections.

 First Choice Childcare, Inc. is currently enrolled in the Federal Food program.

 Hours of operation: 6 AM to 6 PM

Educational Programs

The goal of each program at First Choice Childcare, Inc. is to provide a warm, nurturing, safe, and loving environment where self concepts are enhanced, independence is encouraged, and individuality is respected. First Choice Childcare, Inc. offers the following programs:


The Infant program is designed to allow infants to develop creative expression, and to foster the development of cognitive, communication, motor, and social/emotional skills. Infant teachers design a weekly curriculum that encourages development in all these areas. All infants receive a daily report detailing the specifics of their feedings, diaperings, and sleep times. This report also notifies parents if their child’s diapers or wipes need to be replenished.


The toddler program enhances the skills initiated within the Infant curriculum. Toddler teachers design weekly activities that allow each child to work at their current skill level, all the while challenging them to achieve skills on the next developmental stage. The two year old class encorporates the Abeka curriculum in their daily lesson plans. Toddlers also receive a daily report detailing the specifics of amount eaten at meals, diapering, and sleep times. This report also notifies parents if their child’s diapers or wipes need to be replenished.


The pre-school and pre-Kindergarten programs currently use the A Beka curriculum. This is a phonics- based program developed by the Pensacola Christian Academy. It is widely recognized as one of the best curriculum programs available for Christian organizations. Pre-school and Pre-K teachers plan weekly themes and activites that foster social, emotional, cognitive, communication, and physical development.


The philosophy of the School-Age Program is to provide a warm and nurturing environment with a wide variety of activities designed to meet the needs of children, enrich their experiences, and allow them to release energy in safe and creative ways. The school-age teachers also plan field trips that allow children to explore the world beyond the walls of First Choice Childcare, Inc.

Stay tuned for pictures of our various classrooms and facilities!

Our Amazing Teachers and Staff

We have a wonderful group of teachers and staff here at First Choice! Our teachers share a passion to educate, nurture, and help to develop each child’s social and emotional growth.

We have teachers on staff that hold collegiate degrees in both Child Development and Early Childhood Education. Some have over twenty years experience in childcare! We retain our staff here at First Choice, and many of our teachers and staff have been a part of the First Choice family for over ten years! How amazing!?!